Account management


I’ll take your account in management.

  1. You will save time;

  2. Losses are limited – income is not limited

  3. Entrance from 100 dollars

  • Collaboration is possible in two ways:

    You send me a username and trade password from the account and management will be 30 usd per month. Payment in any convenient way

  • You send me the amount – I myself open an account with a convenient broker, it will be free. And I am sending you profits in any convenient way.

  • Everything is as transparent as possible – I open the signal, the trading strategy of “Black Star and Black Dragon” means a daily yield of 100 to 1500% and at any time we can get a margin call. As soon as possible I will try to withdraw your starting deposit.

  •  For more information please pm me at skype  Mechanic Forex 

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