Trader Dream

Trader Dream  consists of the two parts – entry system displayed on the chart and currency power analyzer.

The analyzer can take on values from 0 to 3:

  • the higher the value, the stronger the currency;
  • the smaller the value, the weaker the currency;
  • average values of the indicator suggest that the currency is in flat.

Recommendations on usage:

  • Buy if Trader Dream shows Buy signal and the analyzer shows the currency’s strength (the value exceeds 2).
  • Sell if Trader Dream shows Sell signal and the analyzer shows the currency’s weakness (the value is less than 1).
  • Avoid entering the market at the average values ​​of the analyzer.
  • The indicator can work with and without redrawing. Choose a desired variant in mode parameter.

Input parameters:

  • ModeIndic – if 1, Trader Dream and the analyzer are drawn; if 2, only Trader Dream is drawn; if 3, only the analyzer is drawn.
  • DrawHistogram – enable/disable drawing the histogram.
  • DrawArrow – enable/disable drawing the arrows.
  • DrawLine – enable/disable drawing the line.
  • Mode – work on closed bars/on the current bar.
  • Alerts – enable/disable alerts.
  • E-mail notifications – enable/disable email notifications.
  • Push notifications – enable/disable push notifications.
  • sOutput – currency pair list displayed in the analyzer.
  • sPairs – currency pair list to analyze the readings.
  • sPrefix – add a prefix if your broker uses it in a currency pair name.
  • sSuffiks – add a suffix if your broker uses it in a currency pair name.
  • sCurrency – color of currency pairs’ names displayed in the analyzer.
  • sS с oreHigh – color of digits displayed in the analyzer.
  • cBackgroundColor – color of the background histogram in the analyzer.